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Wanting less when you can have more

So I just got back from a short break out of the country and it was much needed. It wasn’t entirely perfect – weather conditions were not too good which limited my activity. But it was good nonetheless because I had days to just do absolutely nothing. And sometimes you just need to do that you know? Go away and do absolutely nothing.

The mind is hardly idle as is the body, so I took the opportunity to reflect about things, one particular realisation which I myself am even surprised to have made.

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Explore, dream, discover

Last month when I was planning my graduation cum Euro trip my dad suggested we visit my uncle working in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia for short). There was a thought. Bosnia? Didn’t cross my mind but I certainly wasn’t going to pass that chance up. All I knew was that it was previously war torn and that it’s a beautiful country. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited.

Upon arrival I was enchanted. We were greeted by my excited uncle who then told us that our first stop was a drive all the way up to the former Winter Olympics mountain for some fine Bosnian cuisine. To be honest everything I saw and experienced was a delight. But nothing was more enchanting than the view. Bosnia is a beautiful mountainous country, a sight for sore eyes, a never-ending valley.

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