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Learning to be kind during a lockdown

Since my last few entries, the movement control order or MCO in KL has been extended three times. Most of us have accepted this and are forced to make do holding up at home longer. I know and I hear that it is challenging for a lot of people, single or married with kids. It’s difficult for everyone equally but God willing, the community will come out of it stronger and fully recovered.

Since this blogpost, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. I mean, one has so much time at home, and while most of the time is spent working in front of the laptop, there are pockets of free time to think and really, ponder about things.

A lot of people have gotten cabin fever being cooped up at home, and I’m not excluded. There were certain days where my cabin fever was quite bad, I think I almost lost my cool with my parents. I just wanted to be left alone but they were there, always seeking my attention. There were also moments where I wasn’t practicing kindness in my communication to others and I caught myself for it. Was I being a jerk?

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3 opportunities I’m thankful for during this 2 week partial lockdown

Malaysia is amongst the latest of many countries around the world to have imposed a 14 day Movement Restricted Order or partial lockdown where shops, schools and non-essential services have been closed and citizens are being asked to social distance and stay at home to help curb the on going Covid-19 virus.

I won’t lie, it is really tough, and this goes for all segments of society and the economy at large. Businesses are struggling, families are forced to stay at home and take care of their children while working, people are getting bored and the state of the world is just generally an unpredictable place.

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