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Gratitude; a reminder by the Quran

Gratitude is a wonderful virtue. It’s that virtue your parents always teach you to show, your experiences teach you not to neglect and religion wise (Islam for me), encourages me to incorporate as a way of life.

The latter struck me hard when I came across this video by Nouman Ali Khan, one of my favourite western Muslim scholars (another is Suhaib Webb). The video below is part of a series called Quranic Gems which I really enjoyed watching because Nouman basically takes short verses of a surah and discusses the meaning of it, conveying the message in a relatable everyday manner.

This episode he discusses Surah Ibrahim, Verse 7 [14:7] on gratitude and the message that this verse  basically imparts is this:

If you are grateful in general (not limited to Allah himself, but to those around you), He will increase you (in whatever favour)


Grateful is an attitude, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of thinking.

What a beautiful verse, part of an even greater surah. Here’s to never neglecting our sense of gratitude :)