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The best boss is not always nice, but opens doors for you

I’m entering the 5th year of my working life and have experienced working for various management leaders. Every single one of them were different. They all had their own approach in how to deal with their staff, and how to navigate the daily office politics. Some were the same in and out of the office, though a few were completely different.

It kind of feels like a love hate relationship.

My experiences with them always felt like an uphill battle. Some were easy to get along with and we shared many laughs. But they hardly fought for me, nor provided me the growth opportunities I needed.

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“Make a choice and learn to be happy with it”
Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, CEO of Maybank Group

April 1 2016

1) Had the pleasure of listening to Datuk Farid Alias speak last night on values as a leader. He may be CEO of Maybank Group, but his aura tells you that he is also your friend.

2) Datuk Farid claims to be an introvert, but is a very approachable one. It tells you that being an introvert aint all a bad thing.

3) Datuk proposes that to be a Maybank CEO one must be – Superman (strong) Albert Einstein (intelligent) Ronald Reagan (great speaker) and Oprah (have a huge fan base)

4) In the beginning of one’s career, attention should be given to develop oneself. As you get older it is no longer about you, but your people.

5) It’s important to work with a sense of purpose. You can put extraordinary people to work together in a team yet they produce ordinary results. Why? Because most of the time they are vested in self-interest and lack purpose.

6) Tying to point #4, company culture is an important factor to the success of an organisation. Most of the time we neglect this. Leaders must work harder to cultivate a culture of being HOT – honest, open and trustworthy in its people.

7) I took away 2 key points – to be open to exposure yet to always stay grounded. Datuk Farid spoke about being an introvert and having an ordinary upbringing with commendable pride. While his experiences have taught him to make leadership adjustments where necessary, he essentially tries to stay himself. And that’s important.

When asked which superhero he liked better – “Most people hate Superman. But I like Superman. I like him because he represents everything that is good.”

I am inspired :)