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Celebrating 72 years of Dad’s wisdom

My dad’s birthday is coming up and he turns 72 this year. Alhamdullilah, his health is still well (despite a few stents in his arteries). His mind is also still strong, intellect and wisdom very much in tact and sense of humour very well alive.

In celebration of that, I thought of writing down as many things I can remember that my dad has told or taught me throughout my life. He is a force to be reckoned with, and many of these quotes are a result of his life ideologies rooted in discipline, security, modesty and purpose. I eventually saw the wisdom behind what he said and they have become sort of a guide to my adulthood.

10 of my favourite sayings:

1. Your hard work is not my hard work
I once complained that I had tried my very best to prepare for an exam but still did not get an A. He said this very line to me then walked away. I was reminded of his academic accomplishments and the level of perseverance he said he had given in order to succeed. I guess it was no match, so I stopped complaining.

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Good Health

I remember when I was younger I would enjoy falling sick and skipping school, deliberately missing out on the homework and enjoyed being pampered by my mum. I think we’re all somewhat guilty of this. This lasted throughout highschool and even till college. But as we all tend to say – I grew up, went to uni and had to take care of myself. So as a result I stopped taking all this for granted. The prolonging sickness, the missing class, the solemn hermit. Falling sick abroad was the bane of my life (i would imagine for all foreign students) because I was far away from my comfort zone and moral support and that made your days dreadful. I remember being down with a bad cough and flu for 3 weeks so I was pretty much coughing my way through class (turning heads no doubt). At 21 I thought to myself, what’s so fun about falling sick?? I’ve got assignments due and I feel like crap. May God get me through this. 

Yes, the flu bug has caught me. It must be the weather – it’s been crazy hot lately! It’s just frustrating ‘cos I had the worst headache and a bad cough and it just ruined my day – no studying, no concentration in class (i’m amazed i even went!) To be honest I had it all planned out – this week was to be productive and full of mini achievements. But God is great and most times life doesn’t go as planned. Dramatic, sure. Maybe I’m overexerting myself? Whatever it is, each time I fall sick now it reminds me to be grateful for good health and even motivates me to be twice more productive once recovered.

Funny how we think as kids. But experience has taught me to not take these little things for granted. To be healthy is to be happy, no? May we never take our health for granted, ever.