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8 months into my first job

I’ve contemplated writing this blog post for a while because I wasn’t sure if it was too early in the day for me to share career advice. I’ve recently hit my 8th month into my first job and I’ve learned quite a bit which I’d like to share. Seeing that I have a thing for lists, here’s one on work-place etiquette that no one really told me about which I learned through much observation:

1. Never get too comfortable, always be professional

There will come a point where you feel you have found your place in the company, where you feel comfortable being yourself. However always remember to draw the line and remain professional in your conduct and your speech to others. Your colleague may be your friend but he is first and foremost, your colleague.

2. Be nice to everyone, including non-executive staff

This is a trait that will set you apart from the rest and will take you a long way, not to mention – remembered.

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