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Confessions of an Intern

This is my second summer I’m pursuing an internship; one month down into this current stint and I’m thinking a blogpost is deserved to sum up my observations so far.

1. The department of the organisation I’ve been placed in is pretty conservative and modest in nature. But fret not, they are not prejudiced, against all odds :)

2. There is a strong eating culture which is just awesome because really there is no better way to bond than over food…in the pantry. View’s great too. Talk about a conversational starter!

3. I have been placed in a strategic spot in the office, smack in between the entrance/exit, the pantry, pretty close to the ladies, next to the other intern and on good days, ideally a hot spot considering people like to hang around and make small talk when free. The way I look at it – this is a pretty cool spot to be in.

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