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Pangkor Laut Resort

Last weekend I ticked another destination off my beachy/island getaways – Pangkor Laut Resort, a separate island off the main Pangkor Island, Perak.

(p.s: I’m from Perak so I couldn’t help but feel a little pride there!)

Pangkor Laut is as beautiful as the website portrays it to be. Everything about the island is picturesque, serene, breathtaking and blissful. Definitely perfect for taking photos, speaking of which was definitely our favourite past time there :D

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Exploring JB

I love weekend/holiday trips around Malaysia. Sometimes you just need to get out of the city (KL for me) and take a breather, refresh your eyesight and explore a new place. So I was thrilled when the parents decided to spend this Raya Haji weekend visiting my brother in Johor Bahru. Makes our visit more exciting cos we have a tourguide!! A long and relaxed weekend, i got to see what Johor is about and appreciate the simplicity of its town and people. I also got to ponder on where new developments is taking the city, im thinking the next best hub in about 5-10 years time? Always exciting learning about the development of a city and society.


I didn’t take that many pics but here’s a pic of me having a plate of scrumptious local hainanese chicken chop in town. I haven’t had chicken chop in ages so having this in a city i’ve never visited made it extra special for me.

Explore, dream, discover

Last month when I was planning my graduation cum Euro trip my dad suggested we visit my uncle working in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia for short). There was a thought. Bosnia? Didn’t cross my mind but I certainly wasn’t going to pass that chance up. All I knew was that it was previously war torn and that it’s a beautiful country. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited.

Upon arrival I was enchanted. We were greeted by my excited uncle who then told us that our first stop was a drive all the way up to the former Winter Olympics mountain for some fine Bosnian cuisine. To be honest everything I saw and experienced was a delight. But nothing was more enchanting than the view. Bosnia is a beautiful mountainous country, a sight for sore eyes, a never-ending valley.

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Turning 20

Our most anticipated visit during our Paris trip was a day-trip to Disneyland!

And it was rather a special one because not only was I was with my favourites, we stayed back for the fireworks at the end of the day AND Disney was also celebrating its 20th birthday. Guess what, I turn 20 too this year! (more like in a few days :D)

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