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Arguing with a purpose

I hate having to argue with people simply because confrontation makes me uneasy. Some say it’s a weakness, not being able to confront a problem. From my perspective, if it’s possible to resolve conflict without it, I’d rather take that route.

But sometimes you really just need to have confrontation. Either addressing a person or just a set of factors causing a problem.

It gets messy when you’re confronting a loved one. Without realising it, a confrontation leads to an argument.

Why do people argue really? Most of the time they’re disagreeing with something. Sometimes they’re afflicted with a negative emotion. Ultimately people argue because they want to resolve a problem.

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Spirit Captain

My brother was tidying up his room when he came across a badge pin which belonged to me. I must say it’s no ordinary pin. Felt a bit frivolous when I received it 4 years ago in my last year of A-Levels but it’ll always carry happy memories with it. Definitely triggered a grin when my brother handed it to me.


It’s my Spirit Captain pin from boarding school!

Haha I still can’t believe my boarding house mistress went through the trouble to do this. Most schools have the normal prefect system. And while I didn’t end up being a prefect, she decided that she’d create something like a prefect but for the boarding house only. Spirit Captain – or as I’d like to put it, head cheerleader of everything that goes on in my boarding house. Basically I was in charge of gearing all the kids in the house for all our house activities – house singing, sport competitions, this, that, you name it.

It was hilarious.

“Miss, are you serious? Spirit Captain…?”

“Yeah why not! I thought you could impart some of your enthusiasm on these kids”

I never took my self seriously. But I was flattered to know that my juniors did. And I guess that made the experience more meaningful. I still laugh (sometimes cringe) knowing I was awarded such a badge. But the memories – no cringe there. Bonding with my juniors and inspiring them where I can – those are the little things that made being a spirit captain less frivolous than it seemed. I’m the youngest in the family so I don’t  know what it’s like to be a bigger sister. Being a senior to my juniors gave me that opportunity. T’was fun. I miss those days. Thanks Ms Campbell :)