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Moments in London

What I love most about visiting London is that each visit is filled with its moments. Memorable moments. Happy moments. Basically moments that make me smile when I think about it again back in Reading. Taking dozens of pictures helps me to re-live it too. And that’s always nice :)

Heading out for breakfast with friends…


Taking a nice stroll through the Inner Temple Gardens…


Visiting museums/galleries…


Dressing up for birthday celebrations…


Desserts after dinner with friends…


Visiting London Eye!
(I had to hold my brother’s hand because I was afraid of heights.. #nevergonnagetoverit)


And of!! How could I forget that. Hehe


As cliche as the saying goes, the place isn’t as important as the company. And I’m always grateful that I’ve got friends in London or friends who I can go to London with and have a good time together. Same goes for being in Reading and travelling to other places. But as of now I’m already feeling nostalgic about the past week I spent in London with my brother and Alia. It’s always so nice to have family come visit you abroad and the feeling of them parting from you rather than you leaving them is emotional on another level. Yes, I guess you could say I’m currently having London-withdrawal symptoms. Missing my brother and all those fun moments we had in London. Nothing beats a taking a break to have a lil fun. But hey, back to reality!

Satay House, Paddington

Once in a while I’ll crave Malaysian food so I would come down to London and cari makanĀ (as the M’sians would say it).

I’ve done my fair share of exploring of Malaysian restaurants and amongst the best I’ve tried would be Tuk Din and Satay House. I’ve yet to try Awana and looking at the website I’m sure it’ll hit my list once I’ve tried it. I’ve yet to properly explore Chelsea really (where Awana is at) so I shall make sure to do so once exams are overr!

For now Satay House is my top favourite so everytime I want Malaysian food I just go here. Plus it’s a few minutes walk from Paddington station. How convenient! Especially when I arrive all hungry and what not. Hehe

I can be really boring when it comes to food because I only order the same thing when I come to Satay House…nasi lemak! Honestly I can’t help it ‘cos everytime I crave Malaysian food I mostly crave nasi lemak and its sambal so that’s the first and only thing I want. Of course it’s different when I’m in Malaysia where I can get it anytime! Never craved nasi lemak so much till I came to UK.

So far I’m pleased with the quality of the food and to me presentation also matters. So that’s a check. Depending on the hour, Satay House can either be really quiet and peaceful or buzzing with people. But best part is that it’s not just Malaysians, but a mix of foreign and local people. Actually puts a smile on my face seeing these non-Malaysian people eating my type of food. I’ve even overheard someone saying the food is good once! I know I’m not the chef but that kinda makes me happy! Malaysian food is after all scrumptious in its own definition and everyone should try it :D