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“Let’s be famous in Jannah instead”

I was telling my Bestie how I noticed that this blogpost had been getting a lot of views lately. It must be because of its relevancy of topic.

Bestie: It is a good post! I was discussing it with my cousin, too. I said celebs shouldn’t be blinded by both praise or criticism on social media because neither paints the full picture.

But then Sya, these influencers revolve their whole career on their popularity. No wonder they react so drastically when people aren’t head over heels over them.

Popularity is an illusion.

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How to get along when travelling with a friend

This sounds like a strange topic for a blogpost doesn’t it? But I had this conversation with a friend while travelling and I’m glad I did because it made me realise a few things.

Show consideration. When travelling, moods and feelings get heightened. You get tired, you get hungry, you get restless. Ask your friend how they’re doing. Is the walking too much? Do they want to take a break? Skip this tour maybe? Just chill and get coffee here instead? Eat somewhere else? I’m good if you’re good.

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Reflecting over a good friendship

I realised in the many years that I’ve blogged about friendships, I’ve not actually written in such depth about how far my friendships have taken me and so that warrants a dedicated blogpost.

Growing up, I’ve been lucky. I’ve met some incredible people and befriended people who have changed my life in ways they don’t know. Though I have had my fair share of friendships that have not benefitted me and caused me a lot of stress, I was lucky enough to have made 2 bestfriends during two different stages of my life who became my focal point of stability in life, where other friendships faltered.

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Dusun, Seremban

Malaysia is a country with many public holidays and what’s good about 2015’s public holidays is that most are strategically placed near weekends. You know what that means…plentiful extended long weekends!

For the first long extended public holiday weekend, a group of friends and myself decided to have a nature-retreat escape. After reading this article, we decided that we had to tick at least one off the list this year!

We headed to Dusun in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. We stayed there one night which is more than enough really and maximised the facilities and activities available. We mostly just relaxed and hung out – which is what being at a nature retreat like this is all about. The photos in the website definitely lived up to the quality and thus it was excellent for photo-snapping.

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2013 at a glimpse

2013 is coming to an end and since it’s been a good year all year round I thought I’d share some highlights :)

I had a wonderful final year in the UK

Your final year in university is the most important; you have one last chance to step up your grades and make the most of your time in university all at the same time. I’m glad I was surrounded by fun-loving friends who were serious about their studies but at the same time serious about making every moment abroad count.


I graduated with an LLB(hons)

5 months since I graduated!! Time sure flies, read about it here :)


I did a good amount of travelling

I was blessed to be able to visit a few countries in Europe this year. From Scotland to Bosnia to Austria. Each are individually different, have different societal personalities, tell its own story of struggle yet offer so much natural beauty to appreciate. Travelling is so wonderful given the right company and weather and I was blessed throughout. Looking forward to more adventures next year!

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Salzburg, Austria

My brother got married!

It was such a momentous occasion as we welcomed my SIL into the family. I finally get a sister! Hehe

Happiness in tiffany blue

And I started a new chapter in my life – the CLP

I’ve somewhat written about this so I’ll follow up with an update – it’s been 3 months and a new term is about to start. The challenges slowly dawn upon us with the workload and studying but I’m just so glad I have a great support system to fall back on; my classmates and parents.

HELP University’s inaugural law dinning

A good year is a year that was good all around and so I will be ending 2013 with a smile and a handful of memories. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Long distance friendship

One of the things I was blessed to have learnt growing up was the true meaning of friendship. I used to think that when people leave that would be it and that friendship would just subside and become a thing of the past. How do you sustain a friendship when you’re worlds apart anyway?

But I guess that’s what they call the beauty of friendship. It’s not about how many times you meet or how many memories you share, but if you’re remembered at the end of the day. And I must say I’m blessed. I still have a couple of friends from secondary school who I no longer see ‘cos we’re worlds apart but still remember my favourite colour and when my birthday is without having to check facebook. If that doesn’t mean something then I don’t know what would.

London Bestie is down this week on her annual visit and she reserved the afternoon for me (yay!) Everytime I meet up with her we’ve both grown a little, matured a little, have so much gossip to catch up on, reminisce the past and get excited over the future. Most importantly, I am always reminded of how far we’ve come as friends; from classmates and roomates in Malaysia to friends hanging out in the UK and from now on, that one friend I will look for when I visit London again. This friendship is easy because we don’t ever have to talk, but will always pick up from where we left. And that’s awesome. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder in this friendship.


London Fashion Week 2012…miss this!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

6 years and counting!

Falling sick

I hate falling sick over here because it’s cold and the weather today was gloomy so I ended up feeling twice more depressed. And I think it was some what evident on my face because upon going to town to buy meds with a friend, she secretly bought me this to cheer me up. Blessed to have friends who care! ♥


Day trip to Bath

A bunch of classmates and I decided to make a day trip to Bath over the weekend.

It’s such a lovely place! Only an hour away by train from Reading and the view of the meadows on a sunny calm Sunday morning was refreshing. Definitely a favourite part of travelling by train :)

We started our day in the morning so we could make use of our whole day. Arrived at the station and even the view from there was nice! Check out the terraced houses uphill in the background..

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Moments in London

What I love most about visiting London is that each visit is filled with its moments. Memorable moments. Happy moments. Basically moments that make me smile when I think about it again back in Reading. Taking dozens of pictures helps me to re-live it too. And that’s always nice :)

Heading out for breakfast with friends…


Taking a nice stroll through the Inner Temple Gardens…


Visiting museums/galleries…


Dressing up for birthday celebrations…


Desserts after dinner with friends…


Visiting London Eye!
(I had to hold my brother’s hand because I was afraid of heights.. #nevergonnagetoverit)


And of!! How could I forget that. Hehe


As cliche as the saying goes, the place isn’t as important as the company. And I’m always grateful that I’ve got friends in London or friends who I can go to London with and have a good time together. Same goes for being in Reading and travelling to other places. But as of now I’m already feeling nostalgic about the past week I spent in London with my brother and Alia. It’s always so nice to have family come visit you abroad and the feeling of them parting from you rather than you leaving them is emotional on another level. Yes, I guess you could say I’m currently having London-withdrawal symptoms. Missing my brother and all those fun moments we had in London. Nothing beats a taking a break to have a lil fun. But hey, back to reality!

Girls’ Weekend

So I had a real nice weekend in Reading – besides staying in and getting work done, the girls and I decided to step out for dinner on Friday night and dress up while we’re at it. I guess after weeks of just being immersed in our own work and daily stuff, we just needed an excuse to get out so this weekend was it. On Saturday despite falling a bit sick, I decided to cook dinner for the girls! Something simple and healthy but it was nice to have the girls over. Again, an excuse to get together cos it’s the weekend. And on Sunday we woke up early and dressed up again for breakfast at Bills. Say it with me – JUST COS! It was great. Had a real good breakfast at Bills (as always) and then just walked about town. Ideal way to start my Sunday and pretty much defined my weekend – simple but fun. Not to mention – endless conversations, silly moments and laughter :) An all girls’ affair! Much needed before we get our heads down to our assignments.

Snippets below :)

To a new and twice more productive week I hope!