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3 types of friends that impacted my way of thinking

The way we think and perceive things is no doubt impacted by our life experiences and people we meet. In the early stages of life, we let certain encounters help form our understanding of the world. As we get older, it crystallizes into meaningful knowledge.

My family knows most of my friends that I’ve had throughout my life from primary school up to adulthood. Each and every one of them were different. While I outgrew a number of them, my family would sometimes ‘reminisce’ those friendships and asked if I remembered any of them. Of course I would! They were so distinct. I could never forget.

It got me thinking and I wanted to reflect on what I learned from some of those people. They certainly impacted my way of thinking in a sense that it made me question a lot of things. As a grown person now however, I know how I feel about certain issues and certain philosophies and I’ve crystallized that thinking into meaningful knowledge and values.

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Friends lose feelings too

I like reading articles or watching vlogs/videos about friendship. It kinda gives you this cutesy vibe and for me, it reminds me of my own few tight knit friendships.

I used to think friends were just people who would always be there. I knew I really wanted to have friends, and I do make a lot of effort to keep them, but I hardly pondered what I would do if our friendship ended or faded away.

Perhaps it’s the same as romantic relationships, where we don’t necessarily think about what would happen if our lover left us. Ditched us. Decided the relationship no longer was for them. Or even if we were the one who felt that way. We tend to think about it when it happens.

I watched this video on friendship breakups and it made me think about that aspect of the friendship. Why do they happen and how do we move on?

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Traits to look for in a life long friend

Many people have friends. Few have real friendship. This is something I’ve come to realise about myself and people in general. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram especially give the impression that a person has many friends. But they don’t. Nobody has 700 friends in real life. At least not ones they regard meaningfully.

On that note, I’ve never really had many friends. Friends in school, sure. But the ones I actually want to call, text or keep in touch with, very few.

Interestingly, I used to want many friends. In high school I wanted to be a social butterfly who would be friends with everybody. I tried and it backfired when I found out that not everyone had the same intentions. It was a good reality check.

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“Let’s be famous in Jannah instead”

I was telling my Bestie how I noticed that this blogpost had been getting a lot of views lately. It must be because of its relevancy of topic.

Bestie: It is a good post! I was discussing it with my cousin, too. I said celebs shouldn’t be blinded by both praise or criticism on social media because neither paints the full picture.

But then Sya, these influencers revolve their whole career on their popularity. No wonder they react so drastically when people aren’t head over heels over them.

Popularity is an illusion.

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How to get along when travelling with a friend

This sounds like a strange topic for a blogpost doesn’t it? But I had this conversation with a friend while travelling and I’m glad I did because it made me realise a few things.

Show consideration. When travelling, moods and feelings get heightened. You get tired, you get hungry, you get restless. Ask your friend how they’re doing. Is the walking too much? Do they want to take a break? Skip this tour maybe? Just chill and get coffee here instead? Eat somewhere else? I’m good if you’re good.

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Reflecting over a good friendship

I realised in the many years that I’ve blogged about friendships, I’ve not actually written in such depth about how far my friendships have taken me and so that warrants a dedicated blogpost.

Growing up, I’ve been lucky. I’ve met some incredible people and befriended people who have changed my life in ways they don’t know. Though I have had my fair share of friendships that have not benefitted me and caused me a lot of stress, I was lucky enough to have made 2 bestfriends during two different stages of my life who became my focal point of stability in life, where other friendships faltered.

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Dusun, Seremban

Malaysia is a country with many public holidays and what’s good about 2015’s public holidays is that most are strategically placed near weekends. You know what that means…plentiful extended long weekends!

For the first long extended public holiday weekend, a group of friends and myself decided to have a nature-retreat escape. After reading this article, we decided that we had to tick at least one off the list this year!

We headed to Dusun in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. We stayed there one night which is more than enough really and maximised the facilities and activities available. We mostly just relaxed and hung out – which is what being at a nature retreat like this is all about. The photos in the website definitely lived up to the quality and thus it was excellent for photo-snapping.

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Long distance friendship

One of the things I was blessed to have learnt growing up was the true meaning of friendship. I used to think that when people leave that would be it and that friendship would just subside and become a thing of the past. How do you sustain a friendship when you’re worlds apart anyway?

But I guess that’s what they call the beauty of friendship. It’s not about how many times you meet or how many memories you share, but if you’re remembered at the end of the day. And I must say I’m blessed. I still have a couple of friends from secondary school who I no longer see ‘cos we’re worlds apart but still remember my favourite colour and when my birthday is without having to check facebook. If that doesn’t mean something then I don’t know what would.

London Bestie is down this week on her annual visit and she reserved the afternoon for me (yay!) Everytime I meet up with her we’ve both grown a little, matured a little, have so much gossip to catch up on, reminisce the past and get excited over the future. Most importantly, I am always reminded of how far we’ve come as friends; from classmates and roomates in Malaysia to friends hanging out in the UK and from now on, that one friend I will look for when I visit London again. This friendship is easy because we don’t ever have to talk, but will always pick up from where we left. And that’s awesome. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder in this friendship.


London Fashion Week 2012…miss this!

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6 years and counting!

Falling sick

I hate falling sick over here because it’s cold and the weather today was gloomy so I ended up feeling twice more depressed. And I think it was some what evident on my face because upon going to town to buy meds with a friend, she secretly bought me this to cheer me up. Blessed to have friends who care! ♥