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Cooking diaries

I love home-cooked food and I especially love my moms (who doesn’t love their moms’ cooked food!) so I made sure to get a few easy recipes from her before I left to UK. Ironically I only really started properly cooking recently since my schedule is less hectic now and I can take a little bit more time to cook in the kitchen.

Et voila! Easy meals which take no more than half an hour to prepare and cook (except for defrosting and marinating meat) and are a combination of my moms super simple recipes + my own improvisations. My mom always tells me that the recipe can be the same but different people tend to produce it differently according to their technique. But most of the time meals like bihun sup or goreng remind me of home and that makes me happy enough :)

Bihun Sup


Bihun goreng


Pasta mixed with minced meat and cheese
(when I ran out of tomato sauce!)


Sup Ayam


Nasi Lemak


P.S: Can you tell how much I love my Malaysian food? Nobody can take the Malaysian out of me!

New fascination: cooking shows and instagram

So I’ve developed a new found fascination these past few weeks.

With the purchase of a new iPod (5th generation) and installing a wireless router in my university accommodation room (only internet provided is by ethernet wire), this meant that I could enable wireless on my ipod and use it throughout the flat. Hooray! And then I installed Instagram…

It sure is addictive isn’t it? It’s like = post a picture – check notifications – ooh someone liked it! – ok check back later – ok bored of studying lets check other people’s photos – oooooh – post another picture – and REPEAT.

Somebody tell me Im not the only one like this!

But there is this sense of joy – the editing of photos and sharing on twitter/facebook and seeing if you get any comments or likes. Same as uploading anything on facebook really. But this is reserved for your photo-lovers. Such is a joy!


I’m back home for the winter holidays now and as much as I do not enjoy watching TV, fate brought me to the cooking chanel – AFC the first time I turned on the TV since I got back. And guess what? I’ve been hooked ever since.

Again, there is such joy in watching and learning how to cook via cooking shows. It’s either I’m becoming more domestically inclined or I’ve developed some new found interest or perhaps my time experimenting in the kitchen this term has led me to want to learn to cook more. Western food seems super easy to muster compared to your authentic local Malay food (it’s the technique, you either have the hands or not!) and so I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen with the mother, grasping the ropes shall I say?

My favourite show is French Food at Home with Laura Caulder and also Anna Olson.


Chef Syahirah in the making? :p

Satay House, Paddington

Once in a while I’ll crave Malaysian food so I would come down to London and cari makan (as the M’sians would say it).

I’ve done my fair share of exploring of Malaysian restaurants and amongst the best I’ve tried would be Tuk Din and Satay House. I’ve yet to try Awana and looking at the website I’m sure it’ll hit my list once I’ve tried it. I’ve yet to properly explore Chelsea really (where Awana is at) so I shall make sure to do so once exams are overr!

For now Satay House is my top favourite so everytime I want Malaysian food I just go here. Plus it’s a few minutes walk from Paddington station. How convenient! Especially when I arrive all hungry and what not. Hehe

I can be really boring when it comes to food because I only order the same thing when I come to Satay House…nasi lemak! Honestly I can’t help it ‘cos everytime I crave Malaysian food I mostly crave nasi lemak and its sambal so that’s the first and only thing I want. Of course it’s different when I’m in Malaysia where I can get it anytime! Never craved nasi lemak so much till I came to UK.

So far I’m pleased with the quality of the food and to me presentation also matters. So that’s a check. Depending on the hour, Satay House can either be really quiet and peaceful or buzzing with people. But best part is that it’s not just Malaysians, but a mix of foreign and local people. Actually puts a smile on my face seeing these non-Malaysian people eating my type of food. I’ve even overheard someone saying the food is good once! I know I’m not the chef but that kinda makes me happy! Malaysian food is after all scrumptious in its own definition and everyone should try it :D

Spring’s here!

Dear weather, it’s officially spring so please don’t let me down and be sunny every day ok?

Ok la, almost every day is fine too.

It’s officially Spring and not to mention the start of the easter break tomorrow! Albeit having to stay in to study, I’m very much looking forward to sunny and warmer days, trips to the park with my sunnies perhaps? Not to forget, change of wardrobe! Always my favourite part.

Wednesdays are my free day and I was glad to know that on that lovely sunny day, Nana decided to come down to visit me before she went back to KL. So I decided to make the most of her trip by first taking her for a tour around my campus.

My favourite part is no doubt my law faculty and the lake next to it. University of Reading is generally known for its abundance of greenery (we were even awarded for it!) and if it’s anything to boast about, it would be the ambience and scenery that surrounds my law school. My law faculty also known as Foxhill House is simply an old fashioned English house on a large estate of land, overlooking a wide stretch of a calm lake and presence of ducks. Nothing beats this experience honestly and as much as it can be quite the walk, to me it’s worth it ‘cos it always feels nice and peaceful walking along the pathway. So glad it was sunny because it made for a beautiful scenic picture.

so sunny i had to squint!

After a brief tour of the university, we headed to town for mexican at Las Iguanas. Below is a view of the The Oracle Riverside which is the riverside outside our biggest mall. Again, the sunny weather made for a vibrant picture. As the weather gets warmer you tend to see ducks swimming by, and on certain occasions, boat rides open to the public!

Had my favourite Gambas for starters. I’ve been eating a lot of prawn lately and I particularly noticed that prawn in curry is just delicious. Dipped with bread is the perfect combination. Kind of made me full! Not to mention, satisfied. Amazing how food makes you happy, no? :D

A rather brief tour of my university and town, but hope you enjoyed it Nana!


That time has come again when I’ve grown bored worn out from my previous blog and decided to go for a change. A rather familiar one I must say as I’ve used wordpress before and loved it (before I decided to change that is -_-) so now I decided to come back.

And lets hope I stay for good!

Headed out to town for a brief yet lovely light lunch at Bills today, my new favourite cafe I would say.

I love the cafe. It’s so nice and warm inside and by warm I don’t just mean the temperature, but that the atmosphere and the vibe you get just makes you feel at ease. Staff are friendly, price is reasonable and food is great! I would say the appeal is a cross of a diner and a cafe with its wooden tables and chairs, fun wall decorations and open display of products. I love it. So glad they have a branch in Reading.

And did I mention the food is GOOD? Weeee

My favourite starter is the thai prawn cake. I have to admit I wish they served more per dish cos 3 is just not enough. The sweet chilli does the trick ;)

Scones with cream & jam. Something about Bill’s combination of its cream cheese, jam and its scone that tastes so good. Definitely know where to come for tea time now :)

To me, it’s not just about the food, but the whole experience. The people you’re with, the place you’re in and the surrounding place and people. Bills has that chilled out atmosphere that caters to everyone; families, a mum bringing his baby son out to eat, couples on a first date and a group of friends. I keep discovering new places to eat that offer such vibe and I love it. Makes me want to come back everytime.

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