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Sunny surprises


Spring is around the corner and yesterday gave a hint of what it’s going to be like when it surprised us with a 14-degrees weather! Couldn’t resist going out and since I had no class, I was in no rush to go anywhere else either. Enjoyed a nice stroll through one of my university’s hidden parks and chilled at campus central amidst all the other students on the grass. Almost felt like summer. Till it started getting chilly again. But it was nice while it lasted! Atleast we know it’s around the corner.

Can’t wait! Had enough of the cold. Time to take out those dresses!

Well, almost.

Seeing autumn


Autumn this year is definitely colder than usual that even the sun doesn’t always makes things better. Nevertheless, the only thing to do is wrap up, get cosy, spend time with friends and – make pancakes. Mmm a plate of pancakes on Sunday morning with the sun shining through the windows is just ideal. Which is what I had this morning, yay!

Am about to head to bed and wake up into the 6th week of term which means 2 things – 4 weeks till I head home thus I should really get a move on with my assignments due end of the term. CRINGE! Final-year shivers.

To sum up my week, pictures throughout which make me happy :)

Spring’s here!

Dear weather, it’s officially spring so please don’t let me down and be sunny every day ok?

Ok la, almost every day is fine too.

It’s officially Spring and not to mention the start of the easter break tomorrow! Albeit having to stay in to study, I’m very much looking forward to sunny and warmer days, trips to the park with my sunnies perhaps? Not to forget, change of wardrobe! Always my favourite part.

Wednesdays are my free day and I was glad to know that on that lovely sunny day, Nana decided to come down to visit me before she went back to KL. So I decided to make the most of her trip by first taking her for a tour around my campus.

My favourite part is no doubt my law faculty and the lake next to it. University of Reading is generally known for its abundance of greenery (we were even awarded for it!) and if it’s anything to boast about, it would be the ambience and scenery that surrounds my law school. My law faculty also known as Foxhill House is simply an old fashioned English house on a large estate of land, overlooking a wide stretch of a calm lake and presence of ducks. Nothing beats this experience honestly and as much as it can be quite the walk, to me it’s worth it ‘cos it always feels nice and peaceful walking along the pathway. So glad it was sunny because it made for a beautiful scenic picture.

so sunny i had to squint!

After a brief tour of the university, we headed to town for mexican at Las Iguanas. Below is a view of the The Oracle Riverside which is the riverside outside our biggest mall. Again, the sunny weather made for a vibrant picture. As the weather gets warmer you tend to see ducks swimming by, and on certain occasions, boat rides open to the public!

Had my favourite Gambas for starters. I’ve been eating a lot of prawn lately and I particularly noticed that prawn in curry is just delicious. Dipped with bread is the perfect combination. Kind of made me full! Not to mention, satisfied. Amazing how food makes you happy, no? :D

A rather brief tour of my university and town, but hope you enjoyed it Nana!