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Postcards from Turkey

Slightly over a month ago my bestie and I went to Turkey. It was an unexpected #bestiecation to say the least and turned out to be such a great trip. Approaching the end of summer, the weather was ideal as it was sunny with a nice accompanying breeze, about 24 degrees on average.

We went for a 12 day 11 night trip across 7 major cities which was beautifully curated by Personalised Balkan Trip together with Mitti Travel. They ensured a smooth trip for us with no hiccups and made sure we were comfortable throughout. I recommend taking this route across Western Turkey as an introduction to the historically rich and vast nation. The country is so big and every place promises different and refreshing views. One must take their time and return in multiple trips to truly cover what the country has to offer.

There’s so much to say about our recent trip I don’t even know where to start. But here, enjoy some of my favourite shots.

Muhsin Kitap, a bookstore near Istiklal Street, Istanbul

True to what everyone has said, the country is filled with cats. And they’re all well fed and clean. I especially love seeing cats in the shops because nothing makes a place more welcoming than a furry friend with a cute little meow. Also, a bookstore with a cat…can I please work here?


Pergamon, a former ancient Greek city in now modern day Bergama, Izmir

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What’s your owner’s manual?

Relationship expert Tracy McMillan has spoken about the need to know your partner’s “owners manual” in order to have a happy relationship. It’s a great term that can be used for anyone in your life you care about and want to have a good relationship with.

What exactly is an owner’s manual?

Just like the definition, it’s an instruction manual or a user guide, a how-to-use reference for whatever product you’ve purchased or have.

But how exactly do you apply that term to relationships with people?

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Friends lose feelings too

I like reading articles or watching vlogs/videos about friendship. It kinda gives you this cutesy vibe and for me, it reminds me of my own few tight knit friendships.

I used to think friends were just people who would always be there. I knew I really wanted to have friends, and I do make a lot of effort to keep them, but I hardly pondered what I would do if our friendship ended or faded away.

Perhaps it’s the same as romantic relationships, where we don’t necessarily think about what would happen if our lover left us. Ditched us. Decided the relationship no longer was for them. Or even if we were the one who felt that way. We tend to think about it when it happens.

I watched this video on friendship breakups and it made me think about that aspect of the friendship. Why do they happen and how do we move on?

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Arguing with a purpose

I hate having to argue with people simply because confrontation makes me uneasy. Some say it’s a weakness, not being able to confront a problem. From my perspective, if it’s possible to resolve conflict without it, I’d rather take that route.

But sometimes you really just need to have confrontation. Either addressing a person or just a set of factors causing a problem.

It gets messy when you’re confronting a loved one. Without realising it, a confrontation leads to an argument.

Why do people argue really? Most of the time they’re disagreeing with something. Sometimes they’re afflicted with a negative emotion. Ultimately people argue because they want to resolve a problem.

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When you love someone, your heart opens

I would like to think that I have grown a lot, as a person, a friend, a lover and a loved one. Just looking back at the last ten years of my life has made me realise how I have expanded in my journey of personal growth – be it in tolerance, struggle, patience and acceptance. I do believe I am in a better place and as you get older, the feeling is almost necessary as it is wonderful.

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Journo turns three

Remember when I wrote this blog post during my first year in the news room? Not long from now, it’ll be my third. Three years a business reporter. Time sure flies.

If I could briefly summarize the past three years I would say that it got better over time. My first year was extremely hard because I made a lot of mistakes, typically careless ones and was called out for it. That was to be expected but I was extra hard on myself. I wanted to get it all right. But you can never get anything right without at least experiencing some sort of short fall.

Mistakes are still occasionally made but the more seasoned you become, the less tolerated the mistake. Nonetheless, the journey has been nothing short of interesting. Every day is new and filled with possibilities. I have learned so much along the way and continue to be stretched in different ways, all of which has contributed to my professional growth.

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