3 opportunities I’m thankful for during this 2 week partial lockdown

Malaysia is amongst the latest of many countries around the world to have imposed a 14 day Movement Restricted Order or partial lockdown where shops, schools and non-essential services have been closed and citizens are being asked to social distance and stay at home to help curb the on going Covid-19 virus.

I won’t lie, it is really tough, and this goes for all segments of society and the economy at large. Businesses are struggling, families are forced to stay at home and take care of their children while working, people are getting bored and the state of the world is just generally an unpredictable place.

Speaking of struggle, those working in the frontline or essential services i.e medical workers, police, army and others alike must not be forgotten. They are the ones risking their lives every day to ensure the rest of the community is safe and protected, that society gets a chance to survive the pandemic and heal properly from this virus. But they are struggling, no doubt, as they succumb to overwhelmed conditions. Lest we forget, frontline workers are humans with families too and unlike the rest of us, they are not able to stay at home and just chill. Bless them for choosing this line of work as their careers.

That said, a lot of free time at home allowed me to do some reflection and I thought I would share some probably basic but meaningful things that I am more thankful for than ever.

  1. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner with my parents
    Most days, I’m out – working, coming home late, wanting to hang out with friends. At most I’d have one meal with my parents and sometimes that’s rushed. This month, I get to eat with them all the time. And we eat slowly and talk about everything. It’s lovely.
  2. Catching up on reading and some personal writing
    I’ve just finished a book I started reading last year and now I’m starting a new book which I do hope to finish before the quarantine period ends. I hope to be as meaningfully productive as I can this period, alongside working, so that I can get to say I made the most of my time at home.
  3. The opportunity to look inward and reflect on my values
    My bestie said given that we are stuck indoors, instead of looking outward, we can now take the time to look inward. This is particularly necessary for the restless soul who has not stayed put for a while. A lot of time to myself allowed me to rethink some things in my life – how I’m spending time with the people in my life, how I treat them, how I want to be treated, the values I have been giving too much attention or too little attention lately, how I can reorient myself to be more balanced in this world, what issues I can pay more attention to in light of Covid-19, what I myself as an individual can do to help the world be a better place?

We are going into the 6th day of quarantine and we have about over a week left till it ends (hopefully it does not extend). Here’s to all of us staying put at home, abiding by the government’s orders, making the most of our time indoors meaningfully and supporting those who need our help either through donating or checking in on them when we can. It is a scary time for humankind in the world, but if we follow the rules and focus on doing the right thing, we can get through it, God willing.

In the mean time, keep washing your hands and cleaning your immediate environment. Stay clean and stay safe!


  1. Once everything subsides and it’s safe to travel again, we are GOING on a mini bestiecation. 😦

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