A decade of growth

I still remember the young girl I was at the start of the decade. I was 18 and just finishing my pre-university course in 2010 and beginning the first year of university. It was a year of struggle and separation as my friends and I said our goodbyes and went off to various different universities. It was also a year of fond memories and meaningful encounters as I transitioned from one phase of life into another.

I remember how I looked like and how I felt distinctly. But interestingly, that young girl feels so far and so distant to the person I am today. I guess you could say, she is a girl of the past.

The years that followed would be interesting, for lack of a better word. They would no doubt be fun, exciting, filled with new possibilities. They would also be filled with a lot of mistakes, heart ache, self-disappointment. Ultimately they would be filled with life lessons that I accumulated and would reflect on and write about today on this blog.

The girl at the beginning of the new decade was carefree and full of spirit. However she desperately lacked clarity and always craved the worldly experiences to fulfill her definition of a meaningful life. Looking back, it feels like a classic young adult syndrome entering the adult world. Everything needed to be perfect. It needed to look good. It had to be a certain way. No matter the expense.

There was a lot of FOMO and it was the kind of FOMO that would drive me to make questionable purchases and regrettable decisions. Honestly being a young adult amidst other young adults who are all trying to figure life out is quite scary because there is really no sense of guidance.

Fast forward to today, FOMO is not a concept I follow much anymore, or at least I try not to. I have slowed down on Instagram and other social media platforms to become more cautious and particular with what I share.

I am also working harder on being kinder on myself, taking care of my general well-being and surrounding myself with people who will lift me higher.

This includes working on weaknesses I have grown up with such as impatience, the need to be a perfectionist and caring too much about what people think.

I am also no longer particular about how many friends I have and I now know exactly what it means when you reach out to a friend but the act is not reciprocated (it means they don’t care so don’t waste your time).

The world has changed so much in a short span of time. It brought to us the rise of social media that would cause elation as much as it would cause misery. World markets flourished and trade prospered, contributing to a rise in fast fashion which would rake in millions through endless consumption. Technology advanced at an unusually fast rate, skyrocketing opportunities, and making the world a highly competitive place. War and ruin would unfortunately persist. But what is even more unfortunate is that those not experiencing such tragedy would face another kind – poor mental health. People were increasingly open about how unhappy they felt.

As a young adult growing up in this period, it was very stimulating and confusing all at once. As a normal human being, young adolescence is generally a very confusing time. But I believe the changes we saw in this past 10 years has impacted the way we grew up and the way we thought.

As we enter a new decade (scientifically or not), the urge, at least in me, is to escape that faced paced world that was experienced throughout the past several years. One can’t help but feel the need to just sit down and enjoy a cup of tea in silence without a need to be anywhere else.

May 2020 and beyond be filled with more personal growth, reflection and meaningful opportunities. Happy New Year!

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