“Can we be best friends again tomorrow?”

I went to pick up my niece from kindergarten the other day. And I always enjoy doing so because I get to see her with her friends mingling about, saying their goodbyes and “see you tomorrow”.

They’re really cute. But what they say to each other is even cuter. Especially since they’re just a tender innocent age of four years old.

So we were walking out of the door, getting her shoes to put on before leaving, when she bumped into one of her friends.

Friend: Bye bye Sofia. Can we be best friends again tomorrow?

Bestie was actually accompanying me to pick up my niece. And when we both heard that, we looked at each other and chuckled.

Not only was it super duper cute, it was actually some what deep. Haha.

Bestie and I talked about it in the car on the way back, with my niece behind us. We reflected on the simple wisdom that kids have at such an innocent age. For them, asking to be best friends again is maybe the same as asking a friend if they want to play or hang out. You technically can’t assume they’ll say yes.

And I love that wisdom – that you can’t assume things will be the same, and that there is sometimes a need to refresh one’s intentions.

That need to refresh intentions becomes more important into adulthood. Of course we take a lot of things for granted because it’d be such a hassle to have to keep asking your partner if they still want to be with you, everyday? Or if your best friend still wants to continue being your best friend tomorrow? Um how dare you ask??

But it does remind one to check in on things once in a while. Like, ‘Are you still happy in this relationship? How can we improve it?’ or ‘Do you think I’m still a good friend compared to before? If not let me know and we can make it better.’

So cliché, so corny maybe. But it’s a nice gentle reminder. The wisdom of children has always been eye opening.

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  1. Aina

    Great one.

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