Journo turns three

Remember when I wrote this blog post during my first year in the news room? Not long from now, it’ll be my third. Three years a business reporter. Time sure flies.

If I could briefly summarize the past three years I would say that it got better over time. My first year was extremely hard because I made a lot of mistakes, typically careless ones and was called out for it. That was to be expected but I was extra hard on myself. I wanted to get it all right. But you can never get anything right without at least experiencing some sort of short fall.

Mistakes are still occasionally made but the more seasoned you become, the less tolerated the mistake. Nonetheless, the journey has been nothing short of interesting. Every day is new and filled with possibilities. I have learned so much along the way and continue to be stretched in different ways, all of which has contributed to my professional growth.

As an extended version of the list I wrote previously, here are additional pointers I have learned along the way:

  1. Asking a stupid question is better than being confused and unsure of what to write
  2. Don’t just report the news, have an opinion about it too
  3. Protect your sources at all costs
  4. Try not to take flowery statements at face value, ask the person what they truly mean
  5. Take care of your relationship with your editor
  6. Write a story that you actually want to read
  7. Scrutinize your writing often by reading other works
  8. You will get noticed and it’s a great feeling

The last point is my favourite because I believe it to be true. Sometimes I feel myself slaving away in the news room writing news that I assume not many really care about. But when I hear people mention my story or cite an article I wrote, there is no other feeling than the silent satisfaction you feel in your chest. It’s nothing to shout about but it’s nice to know that once in a while a story you crafted is being noticed. It makes the journey all more worth it.

Feel free to comment :)

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