When you persevere, good things happen

Life teaches you to be patient with the challenges thrown your away. It shows you that things will eventually get better. The silver lining is what most people persevere for. The dark clouds will always pass and bring out the sunshine.

Some challenges are extremely testing. Perhaps the use of the word extreme is itself that. But the feeling of struggle and remorse are never dishonest. If you’re struggling, you’re struggling.

But like an athletic race of hurdles, the race is forward and is only considered over after all obstacles are ran over. Running under or around does not count. That’s just the rule of the game.

I was a sprinter back in high school and used to run hurdles during athletic sport competitions. There were a few outcomes from the race. My favourite was obviously to win. But when I didn’t, I realised a few things which I used as life lessons:

  1. I didn’t come in first place but at least I got through all obstacles

The effort you make is equally important and it may not always mean winning first place, but it does show capability, strength and will power. Running through obstacle/barriers is not easy. You’re stronger than you think.

  1. I need to improve my speed so that next time I can come in first

Coming out of a challenge and wanting to improve oneself is a good attitude to survive life. Self-betterment is enrichment for the soul and when you find yourself wanting to improve even in the face of adversity, the doors of opportunity will open. Opportunities are not just for the lucky, but for the people who actively seek it.

  1. I actually enjoy doing hurdles

The irony of life is that through difficult challenges, you may come to find that you actually enjoyed your time. Some examples are those faced at work which are as rewarding as they are stressful or like the example of the hurdle sport, an activity that is physically taxing but enjoyable nonetheless.

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