Being angry doesn’t mean others should suffer

“Don’t take it out on me just because you’re upset with the other person”

I believe we have all been victims of other people’s anger/grouses at some point in our lives. We’ve also probably made other people victims of our own. I’d like to think it’s unintentional and for some reason or another, just something that tends to happen.

For the most part, the people we’re dealing with are our loved ones. The classic case is they were upset about something or someone else in their life, and they took it out on you unintentionally.

There’s also cases where these people are not your loved ones. They’re not close to you. Yet you still find yourself a victim of their unhappiness. Perhaps a classic case in point would be your angry boss, or a dissatisfied colleague. Even a stranger you just met could fit the category.

Why do people do this? Why do we become each others’ punching bag?

Honestly, I’m still trying to understand. My guess is that close proximity makes an easy target, and that close relation provides great comfort. In other cases, it’s to manifest power.

So when you need to vent to someone, you will do so to someone near to you, or someone you are close with. Why? Because we are bound to take both these people for granted. You hardly take for granted a person far away, or not close to you.

There are two ways to react to people taking out their frustrations on you. Keep away, or empathize. Similarly, if you are the one feeling angry, it’s best to keep away or learn to control your emotions around others.

“Most of the time, people just want you to listen and not say anything. Just nod your head and let them be,” a friend said.

Hmm I try!

But we also agreed that there’s a line that should not be crossed. That line is to not blatantly insult the other. I mean, it’s a bit unfair that your friend should suffer just because you’re upset with another person, no?

Many times I have felt like being driven away with the momentary emotions of some people, so I always try to remind myself this when I feel like I may be affecting those around me.

It’s just not worth driving away someone because you felt temporarily upset.

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