Showing interest in religion is a blessing

After much contemplation, I have come to understand that nobody is perfect. And that the Creator of this world loves His subjects differently.

Because Allah is Al-Musawwir, الْمُصَوِّرُ (The Shaper of Beauty) – He forms his creations in all ways.

Growing up, I have always felt bad or inadequate as a Muslim. I feel that even more so these days as a grown adult because I always find myself comparing to other Muslim girls or people in general and wondering “Why am I not as good as them?” I pray, but I have not yet covered up. “Does this make me a bad person?”

I know, I shouldn’t do that to myself, everyone has their own struggles they are learning to overcome. Even the ones who look pious have their own struggles.

I watched a Ramadan reflection video by Shaykh Hamzah Yusuf (the most influencial Islamic scholar of the Western world and highly respected. Watch his videos) and he said along these lines…

“The fact that you want to learn about your religion is a blessing from Him. It is Allah that places the interest and desire in your heart to get on the right path. All blessings and trials are from Him. Give shukur (thanks) for the fact that He has made you want to learn more.”

I think I started to tear up a bit.

Everyone struggles. A person who covers up has been blessed with the virtue of modesty but may in silence be struggling with prayer, or even good manners. Meanwhile a person who may not necessarily be deemed a good example was given the blessing to always show kindness and mercy.

Allah blesses his subjects differently and in different times. But if you find yourself still yearning to know more about the religion, to seek the right path, then you are blessed. Allah loves you enough to create the spark in your heart.

In my prayers, I always say “Ya Allah, make me a person you will be pleased with. Shine the light in my heart and in the hearts of my loved ones to embrace Islam better and to be people of taqwa.”

With that, I am thankful everyday for a chance to be better. Salam Ramadan and may the last 10 days be beneficial for all those chasing the barakah of this month.

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  1. Aww, I love this post bestie! May Allah bless all of us tawfiq, hidayah and inayah throughout our lives. Amiin.

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