My mother, a life long learner

The Messenger of God ﷺ said, “The best charity a Muslim practices is acquiring some knowledge and teaching it to his brother”

I was a pretty inquisitive child growing up. I used to ask a lot of “Why?” and it seemed like I would ask that for everything that was being said to me. I think it annoyed my mother sometimes.

I was genuinely curious though. For me, understanding was correlated to reasoning so I was always trying to make sense of things and not just take things at face value.

Since we take our traits from our parents, I was quite sure I took this curiosity trait from my mother.

She didn’t exactly ask the Whys, but she was always interested. Curious. Intrigued. Amused. She wanted to know more. She wanted to learn more. Gaining knowledge fueled her spirit. It made life more meaningful.

When we lived in Saudi Arabia, she taught herself Arabic by going to classes and conversing with locals.

To improve her English, she would always read the newspaper aloud in the kitchen. Most of the time, I was her audience. She would also turn on the international news and get familiar with the journalists on TV.

As she got older, she dedicated herself further to learning about religion and so she would attend Quran classes at the local mosque. She still does today (even during Ramadan) and even though I don’t say much about it, I am actually fond of her dedication to continuously perfect her reading.

“I thought mama dah khatam Quran banyak kali…?” “Ya, but we must still keep learning.”

In her spare time when she’s resting in her room, I would catch her on her iPad with Youtube open. Sometimes she would be listening to Islamic talks by Mufti Menk for example, other times she would be watching Marie Kondo techniques and how to tidy the house better.

Oh and she would come to my room and find a book to read on my bookshelf. I’m always surprised that she would take interest in the books I read. The cutest memory I have is her texting me while I was away studying in the UK. “Mama pinjam buku Sya, nak baca” “Buku apa?” “Paulo Coelho” She likes Paulo Coelho!? I guess I know where I got my deepness from then haha. I like to buy more spiritually themed books these days and I also share that with her.

We might probably find this trait in our mothers but I realised we don’t cherish it as much. Or at least I am only beginning to cherish it more these days. My mother has done so much for me that I would repeatedly thank her for such as taking care of me. But besides being a mother she is a person too, and as a person she has taught me a lot.

While I am thankful for all that she had done for me, I am even more thankful that she has set a great example by being a person who loves to learn and continuously seeks knowledge to enrich her soul. It’s such a great trait to have and I’m so glad I have her to take it from.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there ❤

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