The things adversity can teach us

My favourite line to joke around with friends when in the face of adversity is “The struggle is real”. Nothing seems to encapsulate the moment better I feel.

We will always face struggles in our daily lives. Adversity is that one friend in our life that we don’t want, but has something to teach us.  It’s among us and frankly, we might as well learn to ride with it.

The older I get, the more convinced I am that life actually gets harder, not easier. It doesn’t matter if you have more experience dealing with different situations. The situation will always be somewhat different from the last. No?

As is the case however, I am slowly getting better at reacting to adversity. Not yet a master. I used to freak out easily. These days I try to laugh and find humour in the situation.

I was reflecting on what I learnt over the past year when I faced certain struggles. I thought I’d share them here.

  1. There is a silver lining to every cloud. It will get better.
  2. Some things are not as bad as they seem, no matter how big you play it up in your head. Facts must be separated from emotions.
  3. Do not take it out on your loved ones. Or even colleagues. It’s not fair. If you feel your mood is affecting your ability to show love and care for them, take a time out and return when you’re ready.
  4. Communicate adversity. Talk to someone, a trusted person in your life. We are human and sometimes we just need to let it out.
  5. Adversity is a good way to assess our self-care. Some problems are self-inflicted because we have not taken care of ourselves. Take a break. Drink water. Go for a walk. Sleep longer. Control your spending. Help yourself. It can make a difference.
  6. Only you know how to deal with your hardship. Muster the courage to deal with it well, and deal with it fast. Learn how to ride your own wave.
  7. If you believe in God, ask Him for help. He is always listening and He will give you the patience to get through this.

Feel free to comment :)

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