How to survive the workplace

Don’t take anything personally.

This would be the one main advice I’d give anyone asking, or basically to myself to remember that there is more in life to care about than how you are treated at the workplace.

As they say, it’s strictly business.

I know the reality is that we are bound to get emotionally affected by things that happen at the workplace or by things our colleagues or bosses say. After all, working people spend most of their days in the office or some kind of work environment. And for many, colleagues become friends so the workplace is both a place for professional and social interaction.

But it’s not worth it. Not worth wasting your emotions over. At least this is what I’ve taken away after several years of working.

Bosses may get mad at you, colleagues ignore you because they’re busy or you may have felt the need to react to a statement they made about something that was either work related or not. Whatever the case, some things make you want to react.

The only reason you want to react however is because you’ve taken it personally.

A senior said this to me before once. “Don’t take it so personally. I’m sure he or she didn’t mean it. Stress kot.”

*mmhmm* Sure, I said.

I’ve also observed a colleague who works very hard and also takes it hard on herself when things don’t go as planned. She also frequently reacts to negative reactions and would reflect it on her own work, which in my opinion, is not fair to her. I always feel doing this would not be good for one’s mental health.

It takes a lot of grit to survive the workplace with grace. I would like to say it comes with age but I don’t think it applies either as many of us have seen our older bosses react negatively to office politics. I’d say it takes a conscious effort. You have to keep telling yourself to separate the emotions in the office to the reality.

Stress at the workplace has affected me a lot in many years and I have as a result reflected on how to manage it. The answer is not about ditching work. Whether we like it or not, we’re going to have to go through the process. Surviving it however requires great understanding. If you are in a good place that lets you grow, don’t let temporary emotions get in the way for you.

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