The best boss is not always nice, but opens doors for you

I’m entering the 5th year of my working life and have experienced working for various management leaders. Every single one of them were different. They all had their own approach in how to deal with their staff, and how to navigate the daily office politics. Some were the same in and out of the office, though a few were completely different.

It kind of feels like a love hate relationship.

My experiences with them always felt like an uphill battle. Some were easy to get along with and we shared many laughs. But they hardly fought for me, nor provided me the growth opportunities I needed.

Whereas some were difficult to deal with because they had extremely high expectations. Sometimes I questioned my worth. But they were the people who listened when I asked for help. They opened up doors for me. They were difficult, but they took me places.

Reflecting on this, I am most thankful for the second set of bosses. While I have heard of the best kind of boss being both kind, understanding and elevating your career all at the same time, I realized it all depends where you work and in what industry. We all eventually get lucky, just in different ways.

The best boss is not always nice and chirpy, but has your back and opens doors for you.

It’s not to say they’re unreasonable, they’re not. For example, these bosses are always reasonable when I tell them I need to take leave for a personal reason. They are reasonable when they see my colleagues and I manifesting signs of overwork, telling us to go home.

Though when it comes down to delivering quality work, it’s all business. They’re not exactly forgiving and will gladly call you out if needed. As mentioned, sometimes I feel worthless and not capable of continuing.

But they have your best interests at heart. They do want to see you succeed while you’re here in the company. The more you voice your interest, the more they take note. They do open doors for you when there is an opportunity. They push you in new territory you’re not sure you can navigate. But you come out having survived and learned a new thing and skill.

Work can be a struggle, but in many instances, having the right boss that will take you forward makes it worth it.

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