Marie Kondo came into my life at the right time

I know that by now, just mentioning Marie Kondo’s name is a cliché, let alone that term, spark joy.

But I must tell you, she came into my life at the right time.

Specifically, she came into my life in 2018, about 6 months after I turned 26 when I was slowly coming out of a phase of jadedness with renewed life spirit. As they say, I was ready to KonMari the heck out of my entangled mind, my soul, and of course, my room full of things.

Some days I do wonder if this was all fated.

To put things into perspective, I first heard of Marie Kondo when she appeared on Netflix. At the same time my sister in law was well under way in her decluttering journey and began to incorporate the KonMari method in her household tidying too. Naturally, this invoked curiosity in me because I must say, I could see her life was improving as she progressed.

Soon enough, I started watching the series and joined the bandwagon of wanting to declutter the things in my life the KonMari way. I was more realistic though, I don’t exactly roll my clothes but I did use the Spark Joy method which to date has change the way I look at things.

But this blog post is not about how I have successfully tidied up my room. Rather, I want to tell you how my way of thinking has changed.

As expected, memes of Marie Kondo’s ways popped up and people also half heartedly joked about how people could apply the decluttering technique to other people in their lives. That’s right, if they don’t spark joy, get rid of them (calm down, it’s a joke).

Ok ok, I’ll cut to the chase.

I feel like Marie Kondo came to my life at the right time simply because I have reached a stage of my life where I am OK with letting things go and keeping things that only spark joy. This goes for all things, including people.

I believe if I was being asked to declutter (or let go of) things as an 18 year old, I probably would not bother nor understand. Maybe because I was not ready. Or have the emotional capacity.

In some senses, tidying up your life requires emotional stability. It’s hard when you’re not in the right frame of mind, no matter what people tell you that it could be the source of relief to your misgivings.

Accepting Marie Kondo into my life is like accepting advice I had long rejected for a long time. You know what they say about giving advice, it will only reach people when they’re ready, not when you’re ready.

So I’m letting go, of a lot of things, a lot of thoughts. It’d be a lie to say I am carefree, of course I’m not, I still have 101 thing to worry about just because I want to. But I’m learning to categorise these thoughts, these things, these doubts and these worries and either letting them go completely or putting into neat boxes so I can make room for other things, other better thoughts.

I wrote about this in one of my instagram posts and I ended it with “Marie Kondo, where have you been all our lives?” Truth is, she came at the right time for me. I hope she comes into your life at the right time too.

Feel free to comment :)

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