“Let’s be famous in Jannah instead”

I was telling my Bestie how I noticed that this blogpost had been getting a lot of views lately. It must be because of its relevancy of topic.

Bestie: It is a good post! I was discussing it with my cousin, too. I said celebs shouldn’t be blinded by both praise or criticism on social media because neither paints the full picture.

But then Sya, these influencers revolve their whole career on their popularity. No wonder they react so drastically when people aren’t head over heels over them.

Popularity is an illusion.

Me: That’s sad. This is why I’d rather be low key famous (joke :p)…or famous for worthy reasons, like publishing a book (not a joke, quite a serious thought).

Bestie: Let’s be famous in Jannah instead. Where the angels repeat our names all the time.

Me: Duh!! But you know, we need to do something in this lifetime too.

Bestie: Of course but the goal is not to be famous. The goal is to do things for the sake of Allah.

Thanks for the reminder that our reputation in the dunia is a fraction of the reputation we should seek in the hereafter.

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