You can’t take things at face value on social media

You know what’s ironic? People’s behaviour on social media and in real life.

I’m a regular user of social media such as Instagram and Facebook and yes I do follow some celebrities here and there, in particular Muslim / ‘modest’ fashion bloggers whom I’ve grown to resonate with over the years because of the shared faith.

For some inevitable reason, these platforms have really evolved to become some sort of a space for open reflection. Everyone wants to post their opinion about what they think about this person’s post, whether they think it’s right or wrong, how that person could do better, how that person is either setting a good or bad example.

As a follower of some of these modest fashion bloggers, I’ve also been following the undeserving backlash for some of their personal choices. You posted it on Instagram, of course I have a right to comment on what you did!? 

Man do people have a lot to get off their chest.

Without mentioning any particular names (because that’s not the focus), I noticed that these insta-celebs have inevitably become so affected by the negative responses they receive. I always wonder, all these followers are strangers, why would he or she let a bunch of strangers get to their head? Just block or delete their comments or something.

But I’m sure it’s easier said than done. Who am I to say, I would probably melt under pressure with a thousand and one negative comments coming my way.

Point of this short rant-observation is that, so many people are willing key board warriors. But where are they in real life? Where are they on the streets? I don’t see them. Many seem to mind their own business.

What I mean is that if people were to see these celebrities in real life doing as they do (let’s say… not wearing the hijab the right way), would they go up to them and say “Hey sister, your hair is showing”. Honestly I doubt it.

(Caveat: the Islamic understanding is that we should play our part to help educate another sister/brother but in the right setting without humiliating them.)

But I really doubt that the same people who openly hate on instagram would openly hate in person should they meet that person.

I say this because I have seen quite a number of people bitch online, but when they see that person in real life, it’s all smiles and I am such a big fan!

Of course not everybody is like this. But isn’t it ironic, that people can be so much nicer and normal in real life? It reminds me that one should never take things at face value.

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