Why I write

George Orwell listed four motives for writing in his 1946 essay Why I write which can be summed as Sheer egoism, Aesthetic enthusiasm, Historical impulse, and Political purpose.

While I do agree with Orwell that these motives probably exist in every writer, I’ve come to find that my primary motive in wanting to write is more intuitive and straight foward.

Some others have said they write to taste life twice. To be honest there are so many reasons why people write and should write.

I write to make sense of things.

This is especially true for my personal feelings and burning issues in my head. I’d write it down in my diary, as I have been doing so since i was 10 years old. I’d contemplate it in my head and then write it all down. I’d then try to make sense of what I’ve just written. It’s always much easier to form understanding of something when you can see it in totality right? As is the words on the page. When I can read it out loud or just in my head over and over, I begin to form deeper understanding – of what it is I’m facing, and how I can deal with it.

Writing gives me better clarity of my thoughts. You could say it’s a coping mechanism that I’ve benefited from without realising.

It helps me to maintain my sanity levels because writing is also a form of offloading my thoughts from my head to a safe space which I would then store away and refer to when needed.

Some people write to be understood. I primarily write to understand myself.

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