Let your parents do their job

Now that I am a bit older and have quite passed the raging hormones of a bitter adolescent, I feel like I can appreciate my parents more.

I know this happens to all of us, we only begin to show true appreciation when we have gained more maturity or are ourselves have become/about to share the same experience.

I’m writing this post because I recently had a moment where it finally hit me – this will be me one day.

Getting scolded for coming home late? For not turning off the lights? For hardly spending time with your parents? Or do they just generally care too much?

“Obviously I have to care, I’m your mother, it’s my job,” my mother responded to my merciless retort that she questioned me too much.

Had she told me this when I was 18 I would probably have rolled my eyes. Eight years later, I think I literally paused to reflect and to exercise compassion.

Asides the fact that she loves me, she’s also trying to do her job well, and I should just let her, right?

I mean it must be annoying when someone doesn’t let you do your job no? If only we could not let our emotions get in the way.

The moral of this ancient old story we keep telling ourselves is that we should be more compassionate to our parents. Not just because they’re getting older, not just because we owe it to them, but also because they have a right to parent and… I guess I should respect that.

Also especially because this could be me one day and I would also like to know that I am at liberty to parent righteously.

(Atleast I’ll know how my future child feels when I continuously nag them about things.)

Future me to my child: Obviously I have to care, I’m your mother, it’s my job. Have you not read my blogpost a decade a go!?

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