How to get along when travelling with a friend

This sounds like a strange topic for a blogpost doesn’t it? But I had this conversation with a friend while travelling and I’m glad I did because it made me realise a few things.

Show consideration. When travelling, moods and feelings get heightened. You get tired, you get hungry, you get restless. Ask your friend how they’re doing. Is the walking too much? Do they want to take a break? Skip this tour maybe? Just chill and get coffee here instead? Eat somewhere else? I’m good if you’re good.

Try not to control the itinerary too much. Yeah, maximising your time on the trip is essential. We gotta make the most of our time if not we’ll regret it! I agree. But if some things on the itinerary don’t happen due to time constraints or because you don’t have the energy, it’s okay. Try the next day. Or next time. Prioritise how you feel. That’s how you’ll remember your trip best. Noone reminisces on a trip they didn’t enjoy.

Forgo the best shots. Take what you can get. I say this to myself because I’m always the person who has the ideal picture in mind but when I hand over the phone to my friend and they don’t get the exact angle I want, I flinch. I would then try hard to get them to perfect it, but then eventually realise I’m not living in the moment. Just get a picture and move on. If you can get it perfect, rejoice. If you can’t.. then laugh and try again next time. What’s important is you have a decent picture for a memory.

Respect the space. I was travelling with a friend recently and it was just the two of us. I was worried we might get into each other’s faces too much but surprisingly, I believe we enjoyed plenty of space. We both respected the rest we needed, and to do our own thing when we wanted to.

Ask the obvious questions. With this same friend that I travelled with recently, we got the obvious questions out of the way. Actually she did, she was not shy to ask them straight away at the airport! “So what are your travelling pet peeves? Do you need me time? How are you with doing your own thing?” I was actually surprised she asked me all this. But it broke the ice instantly. Then everything went smoothly from there. I think I may actually do this next time I travel with friends haha.


  1. Luqman

    I actually happened to read this before going on a trip recently and thank God I did because it helped! Wouldn’t have otherwise asked my roommate of his pet peeves and if he needed me times (he did! lol). So, thank you for this, Sya.

    1. SS

      Sorry for the late reply. Glad it helped you Luqman!

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