Keeping the peace

“Did you print out the boarding tickets?

“No, I don’t usually do that.

“Can you print out just in case?

“Okay for you I will…

Bestie and I were having a slight debacle about whether we should print out the tickets before heading to the airport. I usually do this if I don’t check in a bag but she always checks in a bag so she gets her tickets at the counter (I didn’t know this when I asked her).

The conversation above was more hilarious and filled with much misunderstanding but there one was one moral to this story: she printed the tickets for us both anyhow (regardless of the fact that she was still going to get them at the counter after checking in her bag) simply to make me happy, and keep the peace.

I know, we sound like a married couple. But I guess like in any long term relationship/friendship, after so long knowing one another, you just want to do whatever it takes to keep the harmony. P.S we have been friends for 10 years and we’re still here! What a delight.

We talked about this silly exchange in the train on the way to the airport. We were going on our annual Bestie trip, so I guess we really needed to keep the peace to enjoy the rest of the trip :p

Keeping the peace. I thought about those around me – my parents, my married siblings, my own boyfriend, and just people in general. They all face similar situations where they choose to simply appease one another, where reasonable of course.

They always say choose your battles wisely and I do agree – not everything is worth arguing long for, disagreeing wholeheartedly on, risking a life long relationship youre committed to.

“I’m going to blog about this” Bestie said, and of course I felt the need as well. We laughed and moved on to other things but the after effect lingered – I was thankful that someone wanted to keep the peace with me. It inspired me to do the same with others.


  1. This feels very familiar. I recently went for umrah with my family and for the first time, my 70-something year-old grandmother joined us. From the get-go we all understood what that would mean for the trip – it’d be a lot about attending to her needs; taking turns to push her on the wheelchair, etc. And this was on top of focusing on our own ibadah. True to form, boy was that a challenge. For me it was especially when it came to her unusual requests, like going a few extra steps during sai`e just to be safe (which I thought was ridiculous), stopping at a shop to buy some souvenir toys for her grandchildren (you could get those in Malaysia), and packing leftovers of her in-flight lunch in the vomit bag for the cats at home. While mentally (and now in writing) disagreeing, I helped her with all the above (and then some) anyway – just to keep the peace!

    1. SS

      Hi Luqman! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad you decided to keep the peace with your grandmother. Sometimes it’s just not worth making a fuss out of these things. When in doubt, choose harmony.

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