Why am I always going to Langkawi?

“Are you hiding something there? Someone maybe?”
“You have a house there is it?”
“What’s so great about Langkawi?”
“Don’t you get bored?”

All very valid questions, but the honest truth is…I just really like the place. *boring*

Over the past few years, I found myself visiting Langkawi frequently. Last year I went there 3 times. Save for the fact that I have already done the tourist visits years back, as I come back each time I don’t exactly do much – I go out, I go cafe hopping, last year I even went ‘hotel day-hopping’ which means I would go and visit what different hotels have to offer without staying there (a pretty win situation if you ask me).

It’s the accessibility and the familiarity of the place that I have grown fond of. I love how it’s only a 1 hour flight away from KL and the moment I land I can rent a car and easily be 15 mins-30 mins to my hotel. Most of the time I make my way to my favourite hang out spot by the paddyfields, Bon Ton!

Accommodation can be a bit pricey depending on where you choose to stay but if you book early and on websites such as Agoda/Booking (use Agoda app for discounted offers), you may find yourself a good deal.

The last time I went in December I stayed at Temple Tree @Bon Ton. Bon Ton is basically a resort with individual ‘rumah kampung’ styled rooms. Temple Tree (I believe by the same management) houses the same concept of accommodation and is right next to Bon Ton (they are basically the same place).

What do I love so much about this place? The cats! Yes, the owner has rescued and homed stray cats and dogs that roam freely (only the cats roam freely) around the premise. They are always clean and don’t harm anybody, instead they make it their own home, sleeping by the couch (one slept on my bed! hehe). The effect is super calming. I have always felt instantly at home there.

I also love the fact that it’s super chilled there. You have a backdrop of malay stilt homes amidst the paddyfields with cats to complement and residents hanging out by the pool or at the balcony reading. I love everything about it. I also love how it’s only 10 mins to the airport (and about 15 to Pantai Cenang/Pantai Tengah where the beach is).

There’s plenty to keep one occupied in Langkawi. You can hang out by beach (the ones by Teluk Datai are the best), go kayaking, snorkelling, yachting, or just hang out around the island.

When I’m not busy doing nothing, I do enjoy roaming randomly and discovering new places. The island is big enough to house a new surprise each time I visit. It’s no wonder I’ve not gotten bored of this place!


Upon hotel-hopping, I discovered that I love the Four Seasons resort here! The hotel has a mediterranean theme to it, with blue walls as its trademark. I love it all. And I have kept coming back simply to just visit and enjoy the view. I would have lunch or just a drink and sit by the beach, because I can you know? There’s no need to stay overnight to enjoy the pleasure of this beautiful resort (I would love to one day, though rooms cost over RM2000!)

I particularly love this living room by the pond at one of the lobbies at Four Seasons. After taking this picture, Nana and I just sat on the couch and stared into the huge pond infront of us. We continued to do that as we visited many other places. Comfortable silence in a friendship is truly a treasure. Just like the comfort you feel of a place that makes you feel at home.


Thank you Langkawi for being a special place for me outside of KL. You know I’ll be back for sure.

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