25 things I’m thankful for at 25

I turned 25 on Saturday, the first day of Ramadan, the holy fasting month observed by Muslims once a year. I felt extra blessed and for that I thought I’d do a 25 things I’m grateful for at 25 kind of list:

1) My parents for always being strict and for keeping my feet grounded
2) My siblings for always prioritising family
3) My best friend for always reflecting on religion with me
4) My boyfriend for being dedicated, harmonious and kind
5) My niece Sofia for teaching me to be more selfless
6) The handful of books that have truly changed me
7) My planner for without I would have forgotten to do 101 things
8) My job and the positive stress and steep learning curve that comes with it
9) My colleagues who make the days in a newsroom worth it
10) My past job for teaching me to not be such a millennial
11) Holidays for making me more well travelled in mind, body and spirit
12) Instagram (yes Instagram) for showing me what truly matters – the person in real life not the social media profile
13) For still being young and knowing there’s a lot more to learn
14) Having savings – because I know my future will thank me
15) Having medical insurance – because my future savings will thank me
16) Paying taxes – doing my small part for the country
17) Quality good education – both a privilege and a right
18) For keeping a diary – because I can see how much I’ve changed
19) Having a handful enough of people to call friends
20) Living in a peaceful country
21) Staying faithful to my religion despite having a lot to work on
22) Being at peace with my past
23) Being at peace with living in the present
24) For knowing when to forgive myself on the bad days
25) For being my own person

This is obviously a cliche list, but it serves as a reminder to me that you are never too young to say you have enough. I am young and I feel like I have enough (and much more if I may add). For that I’m thankful.

Feel free to comment :)

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