You define enough

People will always subconsciously impose their beliefs on you. Without thinking, without realizing. They never mean harm, I know this for sure because I see my family and closed ones overly expressing their concern that they think something else may be better suited for me. They mean no harm, they obviously mean well. One must remember that. But it is what it is, an opinion. And who knows best may be them, but what is best is not always what is desired.

To reverse the situation, I have also been one to impose my beliefs to my closed ones and I realized one thing for sure, it doesn’t really work.

I have never been happy succumbing to the impositions of other people’s beliefs nor have other people been happy having been subjected to my preconceived ideas of how things should be. Who is ever happy anyway? It leaves one wanting of self-conviction.

I realized it is really important to define what enough means to you. Not enough like “I’ve had enough of this nonsense” but rather “I want to do this, I’m okay with this” kind of enough.

Some people will always want you to aim for the best, aim for the moon if not you’ll still land on the stars. Some people will want to see you never settle for less, strive, strive till you get to where we got to after striving so much. Some people will question why you no longer want what everyone else wants, what seems to be the norm.

And that’s fine, it’s their right to ask anyway.

But you define what’s best. It may not be everyone else’s best, but to you it’s enough. That for me is self-conviction.



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