Awan Mulan, Seremban

What I love about Malaysia is that a getaway retreat is always within reach. In recent times, there have been more getaway retreats coming up, ideal for weekend retreats or staycation trips.

Sometime in February, Team YCM and I headed to Awan Mulan for a 2d1n team retreat. We wanted somewhere that could accommodate a party of 10+, that was nearby and that allowed for us to both work and play. Awan Mulan being 1 hour and a half away in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan was just perfect.


A sight for sore eyes. This view reminds me a little of the Bosnian valley I visited in 2013.

We occupied 3 houses – Durian Runtuh, Rahsiah and Sunrise since one house could only fit up to 5-6 max.

I stayed in Durian Runtuh with the girls and we had a view of the Berembun forest. The berembun forest is seriously a sight for sore eyes. On my trip to the Dusun (only 10 minutes from Awan Mulan, more details below), I also had a view of the Berembun forest and it was just therapeutic. I’m so glad these amazing views are only 1+ hour away from the city!

Yes we worked as planned. We used the big living room in Durian Runtuh to break out into groups and discuss. But with an environment like that, it was literally like one big hang-out session. T’was a really chilled out Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves so much we were already talking about planning another retreat. Haha.

We ended the evening with an awesome BBQ! These kinds of retreats don’t typically offer catering for dinner but they do provide a BBQ pit in each house. We all had a scrumptious feast amidst sunset in the Berembun forest. It was splendid. So splendid. I love how BBQs are always reserved for special rare occasions. It feels extra special when you have one. Cooking the food with your friends adds to the experience too :)

The view of Durian Runtuh and Rahsiah. Picture perfect. Take me back!

Around the same time last year, I went to Dusun, only 10 minutes away from Awan Mulan. In fact Dusun, Awan Mulan and Shorea are all in the same area with the  same kind of accommodation concept. Read about it here :)

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