Wanting less when you can have more

So I just got back from a short break out of the country and it was much needed. It wasn’t entirely perfect – weather conditions were not too good which limited my activity. But it was good nonetheless because I had days to just do absolutely nothing. And sometimes you just need to do that you know? Go away and do absolutely nothing.

The mind is hardly idle as is the body, so I took the opportunity to reflect about things, one particular realisation which I myself am even surprised to have made.

I realised that the more I am able to have, the less I actually want.

Funny, isn’t it? You grow up wanting so many things, wishing you had more money and more opportunities to experience worldly luxuries. Yet as you grow up and eventually receive these opportunities, suddenly not having it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

I’ve actually written about a similar realisation before where I flirted with the idea of less is more. The idea still strongly resonates with me hence why I keep reflecting over it.

Sitting at the top of a look-out point in Koh Samui, I thought about how the way I make choices has changed. I used to be guided by my whims and fancies, always wanting the best thing, automatically assuming that if I can have something then I should have it. Though as I grow up, I try to be more principled with my thoughts.

It’s humbling. From something as petty (yet life-changing) as choosing to buy a latte from McDonald’s McCafe instead of Starbucks – half the price and tastes better – to contemplating between two varying job roles – one which is less impressive than the other – and just for fun, even considering what my future wedding would be like – simple and not elaborate please.

These days I contemplate a little longer before wanting something. Just because something is there for you to have, doesn’t mean you should have it, doesn’t mean it would benefit you, right? I guess this is the struggle that people face with the abundance of choice and money in this day and age.

As I yearn for less I am brought to another great realisation – that a good thing can only be cherished when it’s not received in abundance.

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