Leadership Lessons
Seelan Singham, Chairman of McKinsey Malaysia

I recently had the opportunity to attend a talk by Seelan Singham – Chairman of Mckinsey & Company Malaysia, organised by the Perdana Fellows Alumni Association. Set in a company meeting room at McKinsey’s office on a Saturday morning, Seelan took the opportunity to inspire the room with 5 succinct lessons on leadership he has learned throughout his career.

  1. If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough
    Additionally it is important to have the right dream that stretches you in the right direction
  2. Tackle stretch opportunities with discipline
    Dreams come true with hard work and great discipline 
  3. Pursue caring mentors and partners
    Be open to other people knowing you better than yourself
  4. Give to the other
    Your relationships with others is important (it helps you live longer) – nurture it
  5. Mental renewal and resilience
    Stretch your mind often – Meet different people; Do things outside your comfort zone 

I was deeply inspired and felt truly connected to his advice because I felt they were great pointers for anyone’s personal development and growth, beyond career progression and applicable throughout all stages of a person’s personal and professional journey. As a young analyst with many goals and who has received varying advice on leadership, these points help put into perspective the traits of what makes a quality leader – ambitious, hardworking, empathetic, selfless and resilient.

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