3 important lessons I learned in 2015

This year has felt extremely long for both good and bad reasons, yet it’s been an excellent year for my personal growth and development. Instead of a long list of things I’ve learned this year, I attribute what 2015 has taught me through 3 quotes that I was told and which has guided me since.

i. Challenge yourself every single day

This was my 2015 mantra which I made sure to live by this whole year. This mantra means a lot to me because it was the catalyst to drive me out of my comfort zone. I also read somewhere that it is important to do one thing that scares you each day so that was a complementing quote and I pledged myself to live by this. In the year 2015 I found myself taking on a job role that I didn’t have faith in myself to carry out, I mustered the courage to let go of relationships that were no longer mutually beneficial, I took up the offer to consult a counsellor who changed my life positively and worked on small insecurities such as eating alone in public, having an honest conversation with my boss and saying yes to public speaking.

ii. Other people’s opinions of you is none of your business

I stumbled upon this quote while reading an article and it hit me hard. In fact it took me by surprise. I always figured that people’s opinions of me were my business because it concerned me (which is probably why I’ve always been the kind to take offence) Yet as I pondered over the meaning I remembered that everyone is entitled to their own opinions of anything and anyone. One may disagree but it doesn’t matter because their opinion is essentially just one out of many. Since then I tried to adopt this understanding to when people would share opinions (unwanted and wanted) of me. Each time I am inclined to disagree and give a piece of my mind I take a step back and tell myself – it’s none of my business what she thinks of me. And suddenly my heart felt lighter and I was able to move on instantly.

iii. He who hesitates is lost

In a serious discussion with my father about my career trajectory, I opened up about feeling unsure and scared about my direction and the kind of choices I should make. We bounced ideas on where I should head next to ensure a stable future. Somewhere along the lines he said “He who hesitates is lost. Remember that Sya” and I suddenly felt an upright jolt of realisation. What this quote means is to not contemplate over a given opportunity for too long, for you will eventually lose it. When I think about his words I still feel scared haha. But my father’s stark reminders have always been a great push factor. I still struggle, but I now remind myself to always think wisely, and fast.

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