Ilham Gallery

A few weekends back I decided to visit Ilham Gallery in KL thanks to a friends recommendation. I didn’t know about it previously (to be honest I don’t know much about museums in KL and I am ashamed of this) so it definitely spurred me to go. Between you and me, ever since I got back to KL for good in 2013 I have consciously decided to be on a mission to get to know my city and country better. I obviously haven’t seen everything yet, which is a good thing because it means I still have new things to discover on weekends!

So Ilham Gallery is inside Ilham Tower…right opposite Troika really. When I got there I realised I had been driving past this building without realising what it was. It made me realise that perhaps I should show more curiosity.

It’s a relatively new place. I actually don’t know if they’ve opened any offices there but I do hear there is a Sky Terrace dinning. So I might head back!


I was particularly interested to go because I heard the current exhibition is showcasing the work of my mum’s good friends’ father: Dato Hoessein Enas – a renowned Indonesian born artist who pioneered portraiture art in Malaysia. The gallery featured many of his portraitures of important Malaysian figures post-independence. Did you know that he was conferred ‘Royal Portrait Painter’ by DYMM Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in 1990?

“I am interested in people – people as human beings – and I try to capture the innermost feelings of those who impress me”Dato Hoessein Enas

Here’s me checking out my favourite painting in the room – a portrait of his 3 daughters, the one in orange being my mum’s good friend. Asides my appreciation for oil portraiture, I also admire the affection that can be shown in painting your loved ones.

Do check it out if you’re in KL! This exhibition is till 31 December 2015.

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