Sunrise in Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Here are some unedited photos I took when I visited Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia a few months back. After hearing suggestions for a sunrise tour during our trip in Jogja, my friends and I decided to commit to waking up 4am in the morning to make our way from the Yogyakarta city to the Borobudur temple (around 1 1/2 hour) and climb up the temple just in time to witness a breathtaking sunrise.


It was so beautiful. So worth waking up early! The best part was the panoramic view of Mount Merapi in the backdrop which I will blog about separately later.


The feeling of sitting at the peak and waiting for sunrise was very calming and enjoyable. There were many other people there too so I recommend going early to get a good place to sit. After taking the sunrise tour I am able to say that I highly recommend the sunrise tour instead of visiting the temple later in the day as it can get quite hot and humid, making the long walk tiresome. Visiting it in the early hours meant that the weather was still a bit cooling and we were also able to complete our visit within 2 hours and move on to other places (like Mount Merapi!)

P1000200P1000173 P1000197

The surrounding area is indeed beautiful and since we came for sunrise it was still misty which added to the mystical effect of this place. Borobudur is an former 9th Century Mahayana Buddhist temple. While Buddhism was practiced there a long time ago, the town is now predominantly Muslim-based and what was really interesting to experience was the echo of the call of prayer from the Mosque nearby as we sat in the temple witnessing sunrise.

P1000184 P1000186

P.S I recommend good walking shoes!

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