Fresh Flowers

 I am a firm believer that you never need a reason to buy or receive flowers. Right?

My mum came home one day with fresh pink lilies and it just brightened the house instantly, not to mention my mood!

On a separate note, I am always looking to discover new florists in Kuala Lumpur and I recently discovered this new online florist with a fresh concept – daily hand picked small bouquets. Instead of buying big sized flower bouquets, Happy Bunch has a unique concept where they create small unique individual bouquets every single day and sell only that bouquet for that day. The best part, it costs less than RM50 and can be delivered on the same day. Amazing!! I just love how theres a fresh new bouquet everyday – making it exciting for potential customers to see what comes next.

 I recently sent my best friend a bouquet because they were so beautiful and really, just because. She loved them just as much as I did and I’m glad because look…so beautiful!

Feel free to comment :)

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