What being 22 taught me

Being 22 was an interesting year for me. I’ve gone through some real downs followed by some great ups. For that I’ve decided to share a list (in no particular order) of life lessons that I picked up from these experiences. I figure some of these lessons are ones I will have to re-learn over and over as I get older, but learning it at a young age gives me a heads up.

1. Tough love is still a form of love

2. With bad experiences come good life lessons

3. Real friendship is picking up from where you left off, even if it’s only months later

4. Maturity is putting your ego aside to be the better person

5. Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel good about something, it’s probably because you don’t believe it’ll work. You’re most probably right

6. Real empathy is the willingness to understand the person even when you don’t know how to

7. Real forgiveness is forgiving someone AND forgetting about it

8. For every bad day, a good day will follow. And repeat

9. Don’t let your work take over your emotions, and relationship with others. Maintain your sanity

10. There is no such thing as “no time”. Make the most of your life. Make, the, time

11. Funnily enough, some people actually judge you because they care. And because they want you to be better

12. Don’t impose your thoughts on others without expecting others to impose their thoughts on you

13. People have different ways of showing they care. You may not feel it but they try

14. Hold true to your guiding principles. They will keep you on the right path

15. The first thing to learn about making mistakes is to be honest about it

16. Professionalism does not increase with age. It increases with wisdom

17. Making mistakes is okay as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice

18. Getting caught up in your own life is no excuse to forget about everyone else

19. Work hard to keep your parents happy, you owe it to them

20. Respect differences, the world needs more tolerance

21. Always manage expectations with wisdom in order to avoid disappointment

22. The best time to reflect is on your birthday, not at the end of the year

May being 23 be just as enriching


  1. Aww, I really enjoyed this post bestie. I especially liked the first one!

    1. SS

      Thank you! <3

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