May – what I wish for

May is my favourite month of the year for a simple reason – it’s the month of my birthday! And since it’s the month of my birthday, I always find myself reflecting a little more than usual. (so cliché huh?)

You grow up being told to make a wish while blowing the candles. Most of the time I would wish for “getting what I want” – but that was a material wish, and highly dissatisfying. As I turn a year older each year, I feel the need to wish more wisely and sincerely. So here goes…

May 2015 wishes:

To always be respectful and in turn respected

To not sacrifice my humility to boost my ego

To see things from a bigger perspective

To have a bigger heart, to always choose kindness

I’ve realised that all can be forgiven and forgotten when you were a kid. But as you transition into an adult, the decisions you make are mostly conscious and therefore your own. My birthday wish as I turn a year older would be to have better guided principles. May He make it easy! ♥

P.S: The gratitude jar↓↓↓ is also helping!

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