Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu 2014

**This post is SO overdue, I meant to publish this in October but it got left hanging in my Drafts. Read in retrospect!**

After exams ended mid-july, I yearned for a getaway of sorts – anywhere with a good view cos my eyes needed to rest from all that studying!

I initially planned for a trip in Europe but after the ill-fated MH17 tragedy, the family felt a bit shaken so we agreed to stay put for a while. I was still adamant on that much-deserved holiday, so we settled for a sweet beach holiday within the country. A beach break is always a good idea :)

We decided on heading North-East to Terengganu – the state of great beaches and delicious food! We were so happy with our trip to the YTL resort Pangkor Laut that we decided to try another YTL resort in Terengganu called Tanjong Jara.

We were NOT disappointed to the say least. In fact we were more than thrilled. I almost couldn’t decide which I liked better…Pangkor Laut or Tanjong Jara? The tagline for the Tanjong Jara is “unmistakably Malay” which definitely translated well as everything about the place had a sweet Malay touch – from the coconut trees, to the Malay kampung-styled homes to the keropok lekor and Terengganu roasted kopi.

What I loved so much about this place was that the size of the whole resort was reasonable and everything was within walking distance. Compared to Pangkor Laut, we didn’t have to take the buggy everywhere. In Tanjong Jara, when you open your glass doors to your veranda – you were greeted with a calming view of the sea just within the distance. This would depend on which type of accommodation you chose (garden/sea-facing). So every morning I would either hang out at the veranda-balcony, or find my way to the beach to join the others to witness the sunrise.

The beach? The beach was amazing! Lushhhh yellow sand and deep blue waters. The sand was so soft I found myself lying down and staring into the sky thinking “Malaysian beaches are awesome, why go anywhere else?”

Tanjong Jara resort is connected to the town, but a deep hour within. It’s private and quiet. So I love that seclusion, yet feeling I was in a little exclusive kampung of my own. We stayed there for 4 days 3 nights and it felt more than enough for a local getaway.

It was perfect. I didn’t want to be anywhere else. And I will definitely be back. Definitely!


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