Dusun, Seremban

Malaysia is a country with many public holidays and what’s good about 2015’s public holidays is that most are strategically placed near weekends. You know what that means…plentiful extended long weekends!

For the first long extended public holiday weekend, a group of friends and myself decided to have a nature-retreat escape. After reading this article, we decided that we had to tick at least one off the list this year!

We headed to Dusun in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. We stayed there one night which is more than enough really and maximised the facilities and activities available. We mostly just relaxed and hung out – which is what being at a nature retreat like this is all about. The photos in the website definitely lived up to the quality and thus it was excellent for photo-snapping.



We stayed at the Emas house, fit for 5-6 people and everything about the house was perfect for lounging. From the swinging bamboo chair to the BBQ set to the dining round-table, we found ourselves taking the hour as it came, cooking up dinner together and played Monopoly Deal all night long. Such an ideal public holiday getaway!



Getaway retreats like the Dusun or even Shorea (which is just right next to the Dusun) make me proud to be Malaysian. Malaysians looking for a short adventure can be sure to find something around the corner, and within 1-2 hours drive. Malaysia is a lush green haven and I wouldn’t fly anywhere in the world for this because I’ve got something within my city to compensate that wanderlust. This year is all about discovering my country’s hidden gems. Till the next local weekend getaway!


  1. Next time ajak i please ;)

  2. […] Around the same time last year, I went to Dusun, only 10 minutes away from Awan Mulan. In fact Dusun, Awan Mulan and Shorea are all in the same area with the  same kind of accommodation concept. Read about it here :) […]

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