Made another trip to Bali after 5 years and so much has changed. The airport is different, there’s more highways and they’ve installed a toll. They’re definitely more resorts/hotels and the dynamics of the city has changed. Nevertheless 100% tourism devoted as always.

I stayed at St. Regis with my family and it was amazing. Website photos definitely lived up to the quality and the weather (minus a few showers of rain here and there) made it so apt for constant snaps. Definitely no filters needed!

The resort is indeed big and there were buggies available for service but I decided to forgo all that and enjoy every walk, every path, every view. I just loved the abundance of greenery, the river flowing-like pool and the complimentary wi-fi available everywhere! Who doesn’t love that hehe.

The beach was quaint and lovely and I was reminded of how awesome the waters are here in Bali; clear see-through blue with a constant present of waves. Nowonder it’s a surfers haven.


I also had the pleasure of exploring culture and found myself at Uluwatu Temple on Sunday evening, exploring the marvellous view of the sea from above and awaiting the much visited Kecak dance. That was definitely a highlight of my trip and as always recommended by locals – a tourist must see at least one Balinese dance and if it has to be only one, let it be the Kecak dance :)



I also had the privilege to meet some great locals in Bali and conversations with them tell me that there is definitely more to expect from Bali come these new few years. Despite the congestion on the streets, there is something about Bali that is enchanting and leaves a rather warm pleasant afterthought – one that convinces me to return sometime again in the future.


  1. Aliaa

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Kecak dance in Uluwatu! Definitely a magical experience, wasn’t it??

    1. SS

      Yes! A must watch for all :)

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