Graduation 2013

The bestfriend recently blogged about her graduation which reminded me – I hadn’t blog about mine!

July 2013

It was a wonderful day. The weather sadly did not reflect that but the atmosphere did, and that’s all that mattered. While the rest of my cohort took the opportunity to dress up, I decided to keep it simple with a white shirt and a black skirt; representative of legal attire you could say :)


Posing infront of my law faculty, my favourite building on campus!

It was a rather nostalgic day for me because it was also my last day in Reading and the last time I’d be seeing my friends for a while. I was thinking about how fast 2 years passed by and how much I was already missing the little things like walking to campus, hanging out on the grass with friends, getting coffee in between classes and just spending quality peaceful time in my student accommodation. I took the opportunity to live my campus life to my fullest and so I don’t really have any regrets, just a lot to miss for.


My law school buddy from day 1 :)

My time in Reading has been nothing short of pleasant. I grew up a lot in those two years and a lot of my education took place outside the classroom. Cliche, yes I know, but definitely truthful. Many of the most touching conversations which have subsequently shaped my outlook on life took place with the locals in Reading, ranging from the halal butcher to an elderly on the bus to my flatmate. Going to university abroad should not just be about having an extended holiday, but an opportunity to learn about different cultures and take home valuable lessons. I definitely have no regrets doing that.


The convocation itself went by rather swiftly but it was the words of my Vice Chanchelor that made it meaningful. He touched on the importance of living a life full of service, that the greatest fulfilment in life was one dedicated to the service of others. Definitely something I strive to live for and hoping that whatever I decide to embark on will prove to be worthy of such fulfilment.


Happy day. Nostalgic day. Momentous day.  I had my parents by my side so I couldn’t have been happier. Still can’t believe I’m a law graduate :)


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