Exploring JB

I love weekend/holiday trips around Malaysia. Sometimes you just need to get out of the city (KL for me) and take a breather, refresh your eyesight and explore a new place. So I was thrilled when the parents decided to spend this Raya Haji weekend visiting my brother in Johor Bahru. Makes our visit more exciting cos we have a tourguide!! A long and relaxed weekend, i got to see what Johor is about and appreciate the simplicity of its town and people. I also got to ponder on where new developments is taking the city, im thinking the next best hub in about 5-10 years time? Always exciting learning about the development of a city and society.


I didn’t take that many pics but here’s a pic of me having a plate of scrumptious local hainanese chicken chop in town. I haven’t had chicken chop in ages so having this in a city i’ve never visited made it extra special for me.


  1. Ngaww sho cute. Glad you’re having fun in JB!! Wish I was there with you though. :(

    1. SS

      I know, wish you were here too! We gotta come back together next time, still a lot to discover, like hello kitty world :p

    1. SS

      actually this was at Hua Mui :)

  2. aa

    oops sorry. you should try it roo! better chicken chop:)

  3. SS

    it was full house the other day. next time :)

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