Oscar the cat

Everyone knows I love cats. (who doesnt? they’re super cutee)

So when my brother and SIL decided to get a kitten I was obviously the first one to react. After much speculation they decided on an exotic short hair ginger cat, and decided to name him Oscar.  Life since then has been more interesting!

Yes I love cats because they’re cute, cuddly and all. But more so I love playing or being around them because they’re so innocently curious. It’s entertaining no? And Oscar has big round eyes that jolt at the sound of almost anything. I guess that’s why we all love him and have not stop taking pictures of him since…


He has his own preferred hang out spots. Like behind the couch against the wall…


Or under the couch…


…which he enjoys peeping out from once a while.

Or most hilarious of them all, lying flat on the floor…


cos y’know, it’s most comfy this way!

I guess we all love observing Oscar’s behaviour cos he’s not your average cat. At 4 months, he’s growing bigger everyday ( fatty!), getting more naughty and as curious as he may be, he’s also quite the clutz which is hilarious for a cat!

God bless these creatures.



  1. aa

    my goodness those eyes.. meltssss

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